GCSE Results 2018


Fantastic GCSE results for Hockerill including three students, amongst only 732 nationally, achieving a clean sweep of Grade 9s in all subjects (and many others were pretty close!)

This August College students, staff and parents are today celebrating another highly impressive set of GCSE results, the standard achieved by the Hockerill students is significantly above the national average and places Hockerill in an elite group of schools nationally.  This is particularly heartening given the uncertainty surrounding the new grading system for GCSEs which has received considerable coverage in the national press. The College is celebrating outstanding results across the whole range of subjects, consistent with the College’s mission of “developing enquiring, knowledgeable and responsible global citizens through academic excellence.”

The Principal, Mr Richard Markham, commented:

“Once again, I am delighted to report that Hockerill students have performed well above national averages and have received results which they should be exceptionally proud of.  GCSE success requires a huge amount of effort, perseverance and determination and I am overjoyed with the phenomenal performance of the cohort, and want to congratulate them and thank the staff who worked with them to achieve this standard.”

Ms Sarah Pearson, Vice Principal (Curriculum) reflected:

“Maintaining such outstanding GCSE and IB Diploma results requires a commitment to excellence from the whole Hockerill community and our congratulations go to the staff, parents and most of all the students.  These results are the culmination of five years of the broad and balanced education we offer at Hockerill.” 

The College’s top performers were Sophie Hanney, Dominic Tatchell and Aneshka Moudry who scored the highest possible grades in all examinations taken, with an outstanding score of Grade 9s across all of their subjects, only 732 students nationally equalled this feat. 

Of equal note were the number of students who achieved more than seven A* and 9/8 grades.  These were as follows:

Max O’Dare Balestra, Anna Box, Sophie Brixton, Charlie Brunt, Zara Byng, Francesca Carter, Cecilia Catmur,

Dewi Chappel, Felicity Henry, Hannah Manderson, Amber Mays, Eleanor Milton, Amber Pearson,

Timofey Popov, Carson Siu, Sarah Wells and Adam Wilson

Last year the College were honoured to be named top of the Sunday Times national comprehensive league table.  Early indications suggest that the College is looking forward to similar national plaudits later this year.

Our congratulations go to all the Hockerill students: we are incredibly proud of all of their grades.


GCSE Results 2018 in full



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