IBDP Results 2018


Hockerill students celebrated another outstanding set of results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme in July 2018.  116 Year 13 students from the College took the IB Diploma this year and have now received their results, achieving an average point score of 34.6 out of 45, four points above the global average of 29.78.  Steve Clark, Director of Sixth Form, reflected that, “These results are tremendous and a fitting reward for the students who have worked so hard over the past two years.”  26% of the cohort received the prestigious bilingual diploma, and the College’s pass rate was 98%.

Students are celebrating their achievements in a range of subject areas. 15 students gained over 40 points – a feat accomplished by fewer than ten percent of IB Diploma students globally and which is equivalent to an A level score of “A*, A*, A*, A*and  A”.

Particular congratulations should go to: Stanley Hinton with 44 points; Ieuan Chappel, Joe Hoult, Esther Grunbaum and Karl Martin with 43 points; Michelle Del Carretto, Tania Di Biase and Sam Tatchell with 42 points; Kelsey Au Yeung, Holly Bowles and Ruskin Harding with 41 points; Erin Cacace, Maia Dilloway, Ranieri Omenetto Arcella, Sophie Porteous and Kei See with 40 points.

Richard Markham, Principal at Hockerill said, “We are obviously delighted with these results and for continued success experienced by students and staff at Hockerill.  I am very proud of our Class of 2018, and am delighted that they have received such a promising set of results.  We know full well that the students who leave us with the IB Diploma are very well placed to achieve at the highest levels at University and our graduates can look forward confidently to further success. I would like to thank all the staff, students and parents who played a part in achieving these great results."

The results achieved are significantly above the global average for the Diploma, and Hockerill students join an elite group of approximately 5000 UK students achieving the Diploma.  

IBDP Results 2018 by subject



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